City Game Studio is a sandbox type management game. January 1975, you have created your video game company. You are renting a tight place that allows you to develop your first game. Quickly, your games are successful and you already have to move, but it is up to you to cross the city to pick up your next local. In the blink of an eye you are hiring artists to improve the visual aspect of your games. Next came developers and then testers. But a problem remains, even if your games are brilliants, you don't have enough fans to self-publish a big game to make your studio profitable. You will have to turn to video game editors who will carve out the lion's share. Chaining successes is the only way of getting rid of the publishers. Furthermore you will be able to publish your own publishing contracts. Then you will then be ready to dominate the market and buy back your competitors.


Using a 100% open source technology, as we always do at Binogure Studio, City Game Studio was developed on Godot Engine. With some sharp contributions, we came up with this clean and modern design, unique mechanics, and a trustful game.


  • Manage a company with multiple offices
  • Buy back your opponent
  • Hire employees to design, develop and polish games in teams
  • Build, furnish and maintain office buildings based on procedurally generated city and studios.
  • Create your own games and sequel, start a brand
  • Set up your own servers for your games, and start working in the cloud
  • Compete in a reality-based simulated market by selling, editing games.
  • Over 60 games genre including unique customizable games genre!
  • Over 30 games theme
  • Over 70 games console


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We love free software, as in free beer but also as in freedom. It means that to make our games we only use FOSS software: Blender for 3D modeling or video editing; Krita and Inkscape for art and game assets; and Godot Engine to create a game.
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